Manage LinkedIn Ad Preferences in your Feed in 2020 – Settings

Truth be told. It is nearly impossible to shut-off all your LinkedIn ads. But you can set your advertising preferences to see relevant ads. In LinkedIn, you see different types of sponsored ads. These are promoted through advertiser campaigns. Lot of revenue is generated through it. It’s common to see promoted stories, groups and connections

6 Solutions to Realtek Audio Driver Problems in Windows 10 and 7

If you are a user of Windows 10, quite likely you may have Realtek as your Audio driver. It’s the one most commonly equipped audio card used by the manufacturers for any integrated computer system. Related – How to Adjust Brightness on Windows 10 and Fix Related Problems You can have ordinary problems with audio

How to Rotate Image in Redmi Note 4 and 5 – 3 Simple Steps

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and 5 have camera app installed. Pictures taken with them have different orientation. You need the flexibility to rotate 900, 1800 or any other convenient angle. What is the necessary to rotate images in Redmi phones? You can install third-party apps to do that. But why do that? When you can

6 Benefits of LinkedIn Premium Business Plan in India – Complete Review

If you are a recruiter or job seeker than LinkedIn business community platform is for you. Will it help you in your professional role? In India, where “price tag” is considered a liability than an asset, can you afford 2400 INR per month? Related How to Stop Sponsored Ads on Facebook in 2020 – Complete

Skype or Microsoft Teams – Which is a better collaboration tool in 2020

Both Microsoft Skype and Teams are popular products from Microsoft. Each with its own unique features and usability factors. But why are people moving over to Microsoft Teams and abandoning Skype for Business? Teams of 10 or 10,000 can meet online with Microsoft Teams. On the other hand, Skype for Business allows only 250 people

Skype vs Zoom vs Google Meet – Pick the best video conferencing app

What are the best online conferencing apps? This is the common question in today’s changing business and work scenario. We are working under a completely different work set up than before. Work from home, online business meetings, conference calls, team meetings etc are done through video conferencing apps. Video conferencing apps are increasingly being used