Windows 8 Hidden Features not yet revealed by Microsoft

We earlier talked about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview killer features and the system requirements of Windows 8. At the end of the previous post, I talked about some hidden features which are not yet proclaimed by Microsoft as features. I’d detail some of these hidden features which may or may not come in the final version.

1. Hidden Quick Access Menu

We earlier talked about Start Orb/Menu/Button disappearing in the consumer preview of Windows 8. But the designers of Windows 8 have included a hidden feature (Quick Access Menu – QAM) which facilitates quick access to some wonderful system tools.


2. Auto-Save Screenshots

In earlier operating systems from Microsoft, you’d typically use a snapshot tool Greenshot to take screenshots of a specific window, pop-up window or part of screen. If not the software, you had to use the default key options provided in the operating system like Print Screen, which would take the snapshot of the whole screen and you now had to paste the clipboard content to an image editing software like MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop etc.

This process is tedious and has been reduced in Windows 8.

You can just press “Win + Print Screen” keys together and Windows 8 will automatically save the screenshot in the “Pictures”  library folder. The screenshots are saved with the names “Screenshot.png“, “Screenshot (2).png“, “Screenshot (3).png” and so on.


But the con of this feature is, you don’t have an hotkey like “Win+Alt+Print Screen” which can specifically save a particular window.

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3. New Hotkey to Access Safe Mode

Earlier you had to reboot to go into SAFE MODE. But now by pressing “SHIFT + F8” you can simply access the the Safe Mode option within Windows 8.

4. New Hot Corners in Screen

Previously in Windows 7, if you move your mouse to the right end of the taskbar, you could see the preview of the desktop. Now in Windows 8,

  • When you move the mouse to the bottom left corner of screen, it shows small Start Screen thumbnail which lets you go to Start Screen.
  • When you move your mouse cursor to top-left corner of screen, it shows a list of all running Metro apps so that you can switch between apps or close an app.
  • When you move your mouse cursor to top-right or bottom-right corner of screen, it shows new Charms Bar where you can access Settings, Search, Share, Devices and Start Screen charm.


There are a few very useful hotkeys introduced in Windows 8 which can make your Windows 8 experience better. Some of them are given below:

  • Win+X – Opens Quick Access Menu as mentioned in point 1
  • Win+PrntScr – Automatically saves screenshot in Pictures folder as mentioned in point 2
  • Win+C – Shows Charms Bar
  • Win+I – Shows Settings panel
  • Win+Tab – Shows Metro apps switcher as mentioned in point 4

I believe these rumors about the hidden features become true in the final version. If you find out any more hidden features, please let us know in the comment section.

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