How to Manage Apps in Redmi Note 4 Global MIUI 10.2

Once you install Android apps from Google PlayStore, you need to manage them from time to time.

Default settings help in working of the app. But for optimum usage, you need to update them.

Notifications, Cache Memory, App permissions are some of them you need to pay attention.

Since its launch in 2017 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has kept updating its Android OS. The latest version is 7.0. On top of it, this brand has its own user interface called MIUI which has reached 10.2.

There are different kinds of apps like system apps, installed apps, dual apps which have unique purpose. In MIUI 10.2, each type of app has its own settings and permissions.

System Apps

In Redmi Note 4 there are system apps which come preinstalled. You cannot uninstall them, unless you take root access.

These apps are like – Notes, Quick apps, Mail, Mi Cloud, Call settings, Contacts, Messaging, Calendar, Security, Camera, Gallery, Music, Browser, Recorder.

Each system app has its own settings.

To manage any app, tap any of them.

For example, Mi Cloud is one of these apps. This is a cloud service provided by Xiaomi. It provides free 5GB storage. It can be used to backup your contacts, sms, photos, documents, etc.

You can tap the “Sync now” button to sync all your related files.

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Then there are other options like – Find Device, Home screen backup, Deleted items, Free.

You can set the first two options to on/off when required.

There are lot of syncing items like –
1. Contacts
2. Messages
3. Gallery
4. Call History
5. Recorder
6. Notes
7. WiFi
8. Calendar
9. Browser

Similarly if you tap the “Contacts” app you can manage the following settings.
1. Import/Export contacts
2. Display photos and info
3. Assign contact photos
4. Hide incomplete numbers
5. Configure contact lists
6. Sort list by
7. View contact names as
8. Merge duplicate contacts
9. Delete batch
10. View SIM card space
11. Smart groups

Each system app has configured settings. It is better to leave them as it is. Don’t tamper with these settings too much. If you want to make any change, just do 1 or 2 changes. Otherwise, your system apps may not work as intended.

Manage Installed apps

In general there are 4 options for all the installed apps. These include –
1. Updates
2. Uninstall
3. Find apps
4. Permissions

You can also sort these kind of apps by status. Most of the installed apps have similar kind of settings.

For example, Chrome app displays its version. Below that you can see the following options.

1. Storage
2. Data usage
3. Battery

Below that you have

1. App permissions
2. Notifications
3. Restrict data usage
4. Clear defaults

Some apps have autostart options. You can turn off the switch on/off.

For example, Instagram has the following app permissions – Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Storage, Telephone.

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You can disable some of them if they are not required. The Telephone option may not be required if you want to just browse photos and videos.

Settings to Manage App Performance

1. Force stop
2. Uninstall updates
3. Clear data

These are important settings for any app. If it keeps running and taking lot of battery and resources, then you can force stop. Some apps display a warning message that the app may behave unexpectedly if this is done.

With time, new updated versions of these apps are installed. If you find that any of these updates is causing problem, then you can uninstall updates and restore to the factory version.

When you start using an app a lot, its cache, cookies and other data gets stored in the system memory and rom.

The Clear data has some options like – 1. Manage space 2. Clear cache 3. Clear data.

The second option is useful to make apps run faster. These are not generally cleaned by the Security app of Redmi Note 4.

So you have to manually clear cache from time if you are havin slow issues or crashes.

If you clear data, any settings that are personalized will be removed and original settings will be restored.

If you are using the Manage space setting, you can do things like – Free up space, manage site storage, clear all data etc.

Dual Apps

It is one of the worthy features in Xiaomi devices. You can use multiple social accounts at once. For example, WhatsApp has the provision to use only one mobile number connected to an account.

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But if you want to use two WhatsApp accounts, then it is possible by allowing it as a dual app.

The same can be said of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You may want to use multiple accounts for the same social network. Both can be opened in the same screen.

Instead of opening a new screen for each account, this is more convenient. Lot of apps support this feature.

For this to work, Redmi phones and MIUI version has to support this feature.

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