Sync Windows 8 BriefCase with SkyDrive

With Windows 8 comes cloud computing more close to the Microsoft user. SkyDrive has brought more features in this perspective and made external storage syncing more useful using Windows Briefcase. This concept is advantageous in scenarios when you want to sync folders on one computer with another computer.

But its not by default that the Briefcase is available in Windows 8. You need to apply a small registry tweak to get back the old Briefcase kind of thing you are so used to in Windows 98 and XP.

SkyDrive Apps in Windows 8

How to Sync Windows 8 Brief Case with External Storage and SkyDrive?

The steps are as follows :

1.    First you need to download the official SkyDrive app for Windows Desktop from SkyDrive’s website.

Install Official SkyDrive App for Windows 8 Desktop

2.    The above step is necessary so that you can sync the SkyDrive directory with Briefcase in Windows 8.

3.   After installing the SkyDrive App in Windows 8 Desktop mode, you need to create Briefcase using small registry hack.

Paste this into Notepad and save it as Briefcase.reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

4.     Simply run the  .reg file and accept any confirmation prompts.

5.   You can also download the registry file from the source.

Windows 8 Briefcase – Registry File

The Process of Syncing …

Next you need to name your BriefCase as something like “SkyDrive Synced Copy” or “SkyDrive BriefCase Copy“. This can be done by creating a new briefcase first. To do this, you need to right-click on the desktop. Then choose the option New -> BriefCase.

Then move your SkyDrive folder to this newly name BriefCase folder. Even its possible to move your SkyDrive sub-folders. This make sure that your SkyDrive folders or sub-folders are in sync using the BriefCase.

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But there is no automatic solution for this feature. You need to manually update the files and folders in your “new Briefcase”. So now in order to update the copy of SkyDrive in the cloud and keep in sync with Windows 8 BriefCase, you need to right-click the BriefCase and select “Update All “.

SkyDrive Windows 8 BriefCase


So when you do this, you can cross-check your changes and commit your update.  This makes your external storage like your USB drive or external drive or flash drive in sync with SkyDrive which is updated via your BriefCase in Windows 8 on your current computer.

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