Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot after Update 2004 – Some Solutions

How to make Windows 10 boot faster?  As a major fix, you can disable the “SysMain” and “Windows Search” services as a first weapon. Startup items, old hardware, and services can also be the cause of slow boot. Simple tweaks like disabling some services and changing to SSD can solve the issue.  There are other

How to Clear Cache in Redmi Note 4 on MIUI 11.0.2

As you use different apps on your mobile phone, its cache size increases. Internet usage is part of all app functions. This will also cause your cache memory to become full. Since Redmi Note 4 phones have limited storage capacity, large cache files can slow your mobile.  Each app will have its own cache storage.

5 Privacy Settings in LinkedIn to Manage your Profile – In-Depth Guide

As a basic and free member of LinkedIn, you are entitled for some privacy settings in 2020. Using these options you can hide your personal data, manage active status, manage your personal profile data and activity, change job related preferences and see your block list. Related Manage LinkedIn Ad Preferences in your Feed in 2020

Block/Unblock or Unfollow/Refollow a LinkedIn Member in 2020 – 10 Simple Steps

Several reasons exist to block someone on LinkedIn. Connections help you to interact with business partners and get notified of their activity. You can remove a connection with a LinkedIn member, if you are not interested in his activity or be private. Members can still message you and see your profiles, even if they are

How to Search for a Job Privately on LinkedIn – 3 Simple Steps

If you don’t want your employer to know that you are searching for a new job through LinkedIn, you can be safe. By default, your LinkedIn activity is private. Nobody will receive any notifications when you apply for any jobs. But if you want your connections to know that you are looking for a job,

6 LinkedIn Privacy Settings for the right Job Search

If you are a job seeker through online means, then LinkedIn is the right platform for you. The privacy settings in this tool will help you to find the right recruiters. You can have the control over your data shared with recruiters. Also you can increase your chances for more jobs by uploading your resume.